Why choose Bakersfield Dental Group as your dental provider? Our team is trained in all aspects of advanced dental technology and is committed to giving you exceptional dental care. We are here to discuss your dental needs and work together to tailor a treatment plan to your wants and needs. Our oral surgeon specializes in extractions, including for wisdom teeth, impacted teeth, and single or multiple tooth removals. If you are experiencing gum issues, our periodontist specializes in treating gum disease and gingivitis with sinus lifts and gum grafting. Our endodontist treats severely injured, cracked, or decayed teeth, also known as a root canal treatment. Our orthodontist is here to help you on your journey to a straighter smile. We also offer other general procedures, including dental cleanings, tooth crowns, and cavity fillings. The entire team at Bakersfield Dental Group is here for the dental needs of you and the greater Bakersfield community.